Design China

News about design in Greater China



Conceived by Zara Arshad in 2011, Design China aims to publish the latest design news from China. After working on the Organising Committees for Xin: Icograda World Design Congress Beijing and Beijing Design Week in 2009 and 2011-12 respectively, and reporting on designers, creatives and social businesses in China for Notes on Design since early 2010, it has become increasingly apparent that so much is happening in the field of design here, yet there is no one place to access the information for it. Design China aims to fill that gap, ultimately documenting the rapid shift from (to use the cliché) “Made in China” to “Designed in China”.

Contributors: Lynn Zhang, Bing Jie Fu He, Cassandra Kirk, Sherry Yong Chen, Chiara Maria Sassu.

Thanks to Paul Makovsky, Michael Hsu, An Xiao Mina and Wang Yun for all their invaluable advice and support. All images are copyright their respective owners.