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News about design in Greater China


Library for Kunming University of Science and Technology


"This library is regarded as the symbolic center of the university campus. The building form resembles stacked cubes on a plinth with bi-axial symmetry and a vertical central atrium. The central circular atrium serves as the spiritual center as well as the main vertical circulation of the library". See more.

Huamei Cafe


"The continuous and smooth curves of Huamei Cafe creates a relaxing…space amid a busy and crowded setting. The site is located on the ground level of Huamei supermarket in Xinzhou, Shanxi province… [sitting] between a four-lane road on the west and checkout area of the market on the east, near the main entrance, surrounded by lighting, acoustic and visual distractions. The panels wrap around the interior facade, ceiling and part of a seating area, forming a cave-like space.

The panels are designed to be cut with a CNC mill. All the openings for joists, HVAC units, pipes and lighting fixtures are considered and included in the cutting file in advance. The panels are cut and polished in the factory [situated in a] Beijing suburb, and transported to the site for assembly”. Continue reading.

Import/Export: Postwar Design and Industry in East Asia


"Import/Export: Postwar Design and Industry in East Asia will bring together leading scholars and curators of industrial design history in an effort to place mass-produced objects at the centre of East Asia’s post-World War II industrial and economic narrative. In this context, the forum will attempt to identify, map and trace some of the key phenomena, products, manufacturers and design influences that moved throughout the region, while exploring the conceptual, methodological and other frameworks that might inform M+’s strategy for collecting such objects. Issues such as imitation, copying and appropriation; the transference, adaptation and invention of typologies and design vocabularies; the role of new technologies and production processes; and the absorption of these objects into their respective visual cultures will also be discussed". Talk details.

Zhili Liu


Beijing product and furniture designer Zhili Liu piqued our interest with his light designs (pictured). The young talent is better known for his materials and engineering experiments through which he explores the meaning of “Chinese design” and potential definitions beyond reinterpreting traditional decorative elements.

Full Moon Lamp


Happy (belated) Mid-Autumn Festival 2014! And to make up for our delay, here we present the Full Moon Lamp by Chinese product designers EY-Products. This table lamp features a hidden strip of LED lights and even doubles up as a vase. See more from EY-Products.

China Pavilion @ 100% Design London


As the largest international pavilion featured at this year’s 100% Design, the China Pavilion has been created and organised by the Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association (SIDA). Innovative and high-quality design products from 50 of China’s major cities will be displayed together at the China Pavilion creating a visual feast for visitors to the fair.

Attendees will see many of the most contemporary and modern interior design elements at play as well as unique designs incorporating Chinese characteristics. A “China Design Day” will also be held during the fair. This will provide a platform for one-to-one communication between designers, retailers, distributors and developers from home and abroad, and allow for the exploration of new cooperation opportunities. Find out more.

Words from the organisers. Main image via David Jia.