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More on Triple Major

Following up my earlier Triple Major post; I recently caught up with founder, Ritchie Chan, to discuss the conception of Triple Major, which designers he admires and what achievements he is most proud of so far.

Where are you from, and what did you study?
I was born in Xiamen (south China), but grew up in Hong Kong and then Los Angeles. I studied a triple major in Business, International Relations & History at University of Southern California (USC), LA. This is actually how I came to name my Beijing store Triple Major.

What is the idea behind Triple Major?
Triple Major is a concept store: we have a wide, multi-disciplinary focus with 2 floors of retail space, as well as a rooftop. We tend to use the second floor for music events a lot, as well as collaborative exhibitions with other artists and photographers. I think these events really set us apart from other so-called concept stores. We treat our space like a blank canvas.

Additionally, the shop is disguised as a traditional Chinese medicine store because I wanted it to fit in with its hutong surroundings. Even if people don’t buy from us, they like the idea of what we are and what we stand for. My aim is to bring independent, progressive designers to Beijing; I certainly don’t want a mass-produced, generic feel. We are original and, consequently, targeting a smaller, alternative audience.

How did the store actually come about?
I actually had a creative studio back in LA and organised many exhibitions there. A museum in Beijing asked me to bring one of these exhibitions to China (which I did). I initially didn’t like Beijing, but there’s lots of opportunity here, which is why I decided to open up the store.

Which designers do you admire?
Definitely Daniel Palillo, a Finnish designer. His collections, which resemble oversized silhouettes, are intriguing. He has a signature dark sense of humour, but his style is somehow still evolving. Daniel manages to reinvent without producing the same thing over and over again, which is what happens with most signature styles.

What are you most proud of so far?
I don’t think I am exceptionally proud of anything just yet – there is still so much to do! I was recently selected by Wallpaper* as one of their top 20, and Tokyo Director’s Club Award for best visual identity 2010. I guess these are two things I can say I’m proud of. But you can always do more, and better. For example, I want to realise my own line and for it to become established. Also, I think I’m doing a good job at representing international designers in Beijing and China, but I want to see people of more varying backgrounds and cultures wearing Triple Major products. My future goal is definitely to go global.

Triple Major can now also be found at Taipei-based multi-brand store, Deeplay.