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CCD - The Community @ BJDW 2012

CCD - The Community is the newest and most awaited addition to the ever-growing citywide events of Beijing Design Week. Debuting in 2012 on 28 September, and based in the urban village of Caochangdi, CCD - The Community is a creative incubator playing host to a research-driven program that aims to re-think synergies across art, design and technology whilst uniting and providing a platform to existing but scattered creative communities across Beijing and Greater China.

Tucked away on the outer edge of the 5th ring road, Caochangdi itself is one-of-a-kind among the 300 so-called “villages in the city” that epitomise Beijing’s spontaneous reforms of 21st century urbanism. It has become a space of convergence that has grown organically around the life of its inhabitants: here life goers, migrant workers, farmers, entrepreneurs and taxi drivers sit with designers, artists, collectors and dealers. The area is quickly becoming known as the alter ego of 798 Art District, hosting a self-motivated group of contemporary galleries, artists’ studios and independent creative and educational ventures in art, design and architecture.

This newly-gentrified environment also houses local factory buildings, village mansions, hastily-built accommodation for migrant communities, lean-to shelters and transient food carts, offering a rare glimpse into Beijing’s bi-polar urban reality with those from the center of society engaging with those from outside it. CCD – The Community is established as a long-term curatorial endeavour dedicated to nurturing this distinctive environment.

Some images generously provided by CCD - The Community.