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X-Talk: Le Corbusier and Louis Isadore Kahn’s Practices in India (II)


Studio-X Beijing seems to have risen from the ashes lately. This Saturday (16 March), they will hold an intriguing discussion concerning the development of and contribution towards Indian architecture by Le Corbusier and Louis Isadore Kahn. Details under the cut.

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”India is characterised by a rich heritage of ancient architecture. Late in their life, both Le Corbusier and Louis Isadore Kahn had spent more than ten years on the development of Indian architecture, playing a significant role in the history of modern architecture in turn.

Studio-X Beijing invites Chinese architect, Zhao Zhonggui, to present the second lecture in this series focusing on the duo’s contribution towards Indian architecture, including the urban planning of Chandigarh, the development of Chandigarh parliament, and more”.

This talk will take place at 14:00, 16 March 2013 at the Studio-X Beijing HQ in Fangjia Hutong. Click here for map and contact details.