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One & One Design


One & One Design is a visual communication studio situated in Beijing. We love their clean, no-nonsense approach to branding and packaging design.

Red Brick Museum’s “Tales from the Taiping Era”


"Out past the Fifth Ring Road in the northeastern outskirts of Beijing, the scenery gradually fades into the countryside. This also makes the high-end Red Brick [Art] Museum stand out all the more…made sheerly from red bricks and a garden made up only of slate-grey bricks summon up almost a surreal dream - but real it is! This distinctive project designed by Dong Yugan, an architect from Beijing University, thoroughly pushed the potential of brickwork to the limit, while its many modern landscape design elements makes the site not only a large-scale private museum, but also a luxury Chinese-inspired garden, along with a cafe and restaurant. The owner? Professional artist turned real estate mogul, Yan Shijie”. Via randian.

CAFA Graduate Shows 2014


This year’s CAFA graduate exhibitions are currently underway; taking place throughout the school campus until 11 June 2014. The Industrial Design Studio are hosting an extra preview night tomorrow (6 June) from 17:00-20:00, where they will present “novel applications for Xuan Paper, home fungus growing, high-tech tea making, fractal DIY bag construction, Kuaidi vehicle design, and more!”

Via Ben Hughes.

Liam Lee


Beijing-based Liam Lee re-presents old Chinese poems via designed characters. Above is his homage to Li Bai (also known as Li Po), one of China’s most famous poets. See more.

More on Concrete Flux


How are urban spaces in China causing the mixing and mingling of different desires and needs, of traditions and new trends? And what are the offspring of this merging together of so many diverse elements?

On 10 May 2014 from 16:00-19:00, Institute for Provocation (IFP) in Beijing will host the launch of Concrete Flux Issue 2: Hybridity and the City. Each attendee will make their own magazine, in their own desired order, from articles and works by writers, photographers and designers. The front cover will also be made by groups of attendees – don’t expect full control of your magazine. The unexpected exemplifies hybridity. Find out more.