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Li-Wai Series


Beijing-based Taiwanese designer, Chi Hsiao-En, recently sent in these images of his new product series Li-Wai, which we instantly fell in love with. The concept draws on the forms of different traditional Chinese containers, such as vases and bowls, which are combined with the shape and function of an everyday cup. When the cup is filled, the ‘vase’ or ‘bowl’ is revealed. Buy via Etsy.

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Xie Dong

Xie Dong is a porcelain artist/designer from Beijing. She graduated from Beijing Art and Design Institute in 1988 and has since built a strong following of her bone china works. “She works essentially on phenomena such as heaviness and lightness, on the dynamics of shapes, on elusive elements. Her approach to design is that of an artist able to translate into poetry great artisanal skills linked to ancient Chinese craftsmanship”.