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Gallery ALL, Los Angeles


"Gallery ALL recently opened in downtown LA’s iconic Bradbury Building to showcase Chinese design and create an artistic dialogue that spans from East to West and around the world.

Founders Yu Wang (an architect) and Qinqyun Ma (the Dean at USC School of Architecture) named their new project Gallery ALL to emphasise their goal of creating a crossroads for emerging designers, cutting-edge experimental design, and a center for educational ideas. Walking around the light-filled space with the founders and designers, Zhoujie Zhang and Naihan Li (who are featured in the first show) proved just how significant and exciting Gallery ALL promises to be”. Continue reading.

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Mengya Hao


In this cross post between Design China and EightSix, we are excited to present the work of designer Mengya Hao from Taiyuan in China. She studied at Jiangnan University before heading to University of the Arts, London. Find out more about her journey under the cut.

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1/2 Stadium


Described as “an intervention” of an existing sports ground in a public school in Beijing, this project is referred to as 1/2 Stadium because the size, scale, formal expression and use of the resulting architecture stand in between an official stadium and a sports field. Continue reading.

Zhang Xiaochuan


Zhang Xiaochuan is a jewellery designer based in Guangzhou. She studied sculpture and fashion at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts before moving on to the State Academy of Art and Design in Stuttgart, and finishing with a Masters from the Domus Academy in Milan. In 2007, she started Zhang Xiaochuan Jewelry Art Studio, which creates highly refined pieces that “fall somewhere between jewellery and art”, combining classic materials, such as gold, silver and pearls, with unconventional ones like porcelain, wool and silk. Pictured are some of her most recent works. Via Surface Asia.

Ejing Zhang


Ejing (Yijing) Zhang is an emerging Chinese designer currently based in London. Educated at London College of Fashion, Chelsea College of Art and Design, and Royal College of Art, the young talent also boasts experience with Ralph Lauren, Alexander McQueen and Liberty, London. We spoke with Ejing to discuss her journey to date.

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City in the Sky


"Wuhan-based architects AA-Lab have completed a small project with local school children.

The experimental project involved 36 children and their parents who, over 3 months, built a city for children. The architects from AA-Lab allowed the children to sketch out their ideas and lead the design of the project. It was built out of bamboo, and the inverted pyramid support covers just 9 square meters, yet creates 90 square meters of floor space. Each child has their own house in the sky.

City in the Sky is a response to the growing number of young architects in China who only know how to design with steel and concrete. It was a way of letting the younger generation know that there are other ways to build cities”. Via EightSix.

Image via gooood.

Min Wu


"We recently spoke to London-based Chinese designer and London College of Fashion MA graduate, Min Wu. Her collection was definitely one of the show stoppers in the LCF MA show back in February. The collection is coherent and beautifully made. Her sculptural yet minimal pieces have gained much attention in the press. This time we caught up with her to discuss fashion, future plans and her guilty pleasures…". Via AnyWearStyle.

Au Chon Hin


Au Chon Hin is a graphic design student based in Macau. Currently in his third undergraduate year at Macau Polytechnic Institute, this promising designer has built on his experience via internships with WX Design Beijing, Mo-Design and Macao Museum of Art. He has been featured in and recognised with several awards from platforms such as Golden Bee Moscow, China Design Exhibition 2012, Kan Tai-Keung, and GDC11, to name a few. See more of his work.

Juanjuan Hu


Juanjuan Hu is a jewellery designer with a background in product design. After completing an MA in Industrial Design at Hubei University of Technology in China, the young creative moved on to London in order to study jewellery design at Central Saint Martins. Already a recipient of a number of awards, Juanjuan Hu currently resides in Shanghai as an affiliate of the Industrial Design department, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.