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The Night Watch Walking Tour


Catch the last few spots on this incredible walking tour:

"Join Beijing Postcards and Bespoke Beijing for this Limited Edition series of six night-time walking tours featuring never-before-published material and an exclusive post-tour exhibition. Tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis, so don’t miss out!” Find out more.

Audio Archaeology


As part of Design Hop: Dashilar, creators of online journal Concrete Flux will bring to BJDW 2013 Audio Archaeology, a participatory event that aims to focus people’s attention on the sounds of a visually-chaotic Beijing:

"We want people to be more aware of the urban environments around them, to realise that, in spite of all the stress and frustrations of mega-city life, cities are some of the most fascinating creations of humankind. Cities often thrust upon us complex and overwhelming sensory experiences, which deaden our observational abilities and desires. Our project seeks to reawaken these observations of urban environments in the ancient and rapidly changing city of Beijing, and in so doing raise an awareness of the complex reality of the city in all its grime and glory".

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Sixstation Workshop


Sixstation Workshop is a graphic design studio situated in Hong Kong. Working in brand identity, digital media, publications, illustration, typography and visual art, the studio claims to be dedicated to the “six senses, which is the aesthetic experience created via the metamorphosis of the senses”.

Gu Qi

Gu Qi is a furniture designer based in Beijing. He majored in industrial design and graduated from Huaqiao University, Fujian in 2005. Originally from northeast China, Gu Qi travelled extensively in China’s coastal cities such as Changzhou, Xiamen and Shanghai before arriving in Beijing. Design China sat down with him this week to discuss his journey to date.

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Su Guangyu (Kyle)

Su Guangyu (or Kyle) is a fashion designer based in Beijing. Born in north China, Kyle actually spent most of his childhood in south China. He attended Guangdong University but quickly found out that formal design education was not for him: he opted to drop out after a year and worked as a designer’s assistant before moving to Hong Kong. Kyle recently returned to Mainland China to set up his own collection, so I met with him to find out more.

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The Place

A few years old now, but still amazing: “In Beijing’s CBD, a huge LED screen was constructed [by Entertainment Design Corporation] as the main attraction for The Place, a mixed-use retail center developed by Beijing Aozhong Xingye Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. Covering the street between two 5-storey, high-end retail centers and two 23-storey office towers, the Sky Screen is 2,296’ long, 88’ wide and 80’ high. The viewing surface, clad entirely with LED modules, makes the square footage a close second to the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas, the largest single screen in the world.” Read more.

Image by Charlotte Powell.