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AnyWearStyle x Shanghai Fashion Week 2014


Our friends at AnyWearStyle are doing an incredible job with documenting and reporting on Shanghai Fashion Week, which ends tomorrow. Find out what’s going on.

Sun Jun’s Traditional-ish Chinese Painted Photos


"Young Chinese artist and fashion photographer Sun Jun takes a mixed media approach, mixing photography and painting to create a timeless sense with a distinctly Chinese visual style. His most recent work, Tea of Ancient Classics or 茶经, captures a semi-sexed-up series of scenes of runway-material models in elegant poses, the theme of which is traditional Chinese tea.

The work weaves modern fashion photography and old school Chinese landscape painting elements to form a fusion that retains a pleasing amount of dissonance. The models are wearing subdued-tone clothing designed by Shanghai-based fashion label La Vie”. Continue reading.

More on EcoChic Design Award


It’s been a while since we’ve reported on EcoChic Design Award, but that’s not to say that there haven’t been any interesting developments lately. From catwalk shows to forums, the 2013 version of the award and involvement in fashion weeks, Redress seem firmly committed to promoting concepts surrounding sustainable fashion. Find out more.

Image courtesy of Andy Jones/Studio East.

Contemporary Fashion Designers’ Archive


Exactly one year ago, Christine Tsui initiated the project Contemporary Fashion Designers’ Archive as part of her PhD program at The University of Hong Kong. Miss Tsui, along with her four research assistants, has been collecting news reports, videos, audio tapes and pictures of eight contemporary Chinese designers, including Dooling Jiang, Ji Ji, Jin Taijun, Liangzi, Ma Ke, Wang Xinyuan, Wu Haiyan, and Zhang Da. Today, on behalf of The University of Hong Kong, the team proudly presents the website FASHION ARCHIVE as the outcome of this project. The website is currently under public testing and will be officially launched in late January 2014.

FASHION ARCHIVE is a non-profit, academic website that aims to promote knowledge of contemporary Chinese fashion designers and their design works worldwide, for use by international designers, journalists, students and academics interested in understanding the evolution of China’s contemporary fashion scene.

Written by Sherry Yong Chen for Design China.

AnyShopStyle Pop-Up


Another weekend event for Beijingers:

"This Sunday from four to eight, AnyShopStyle will be hosting a pop-up shop right in Beijing’s Opposite House. Work of designers from the website will be available for the public to touch, feel and try on. Fashion brands include LUVON by Liu Lu, Sara Yun, NEEMIC, Mandarin & General, TwS, funky, animalistic Yang Du, Elysee Yang, Madeleine Thompson, and Candy & Caviar. For Hong Kong designer Erbert Chong this is the exclusive Mainland launch. His designs will only be available at the event and on the week after. Accessory brands will include Carmen Chan, French Sole, DSata, Everard & Wang, and Rfactory". Via Stylites.