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Mario Chen


Zhejiang University student-designer Mario Chen has a wonderful portfolio that straddles graphic and product design to jewellery and exhibition design. See more.

China Design Museum


China Design Museum (CDM) is founded by China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. The museum is used for the preservation, exhibition and research of Western modern design with a focus on Bauhaus, and its collection currently comprises over 7000 exemplary pieces of design work. Architect and 1992 Pritzker winner Alvaro Siza has been invited to design the new CDM building, due to be completed in 2015.

More on Huabiao Shan


We were lucky enough to sit down with Huabiao Shan last month to discuss his new furniture brand Shanliang and what motivates him as a designer.

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Handmade In Hangzhou


After an extended break, Design China is back! We are starting 2014 off with a lovely curatorial initiative by PINWU called Handmade in Hangzhou. Its core philosophy is rong, or “melting and fusion”, which is used by thirteen designers to deconstruct the traditional bamboo crafts of Hangzhou and apply them to contemporary design. Over the next five years, the group also plan to explore silk, porcelain, copper, and paper.

He Jianping


He Jianping is an award-winning graphic designer, professor and publisher. He studied graphic design at China Academy of Art (1991-1994) and Meisterschule of Fine Arts, Berlin University of Arts (1997-2001), before achieving a PhD in cultural history at Frei University, Berlin in 2011. He has taught at Berlin University of the Arts, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, in addition to acting as a PhD supervisor for the latter. In 2002, He Jianping established his own design studio and publishing house called hesign, which is based in Berlin and Hangzhou. Design China recently spoke with the designer to discuss his journey to date.

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For Couples

Lea Lyu from Hangzhou has devised gendered forms of seating inspired by traditional Chinese chairs. Accompanied by a tea table, the For Couple set exemplifies subtlety “in terms of design evolution, which is directly fed from the method of construction”. Via EightSix.

Shanghai Gears Up For Fashion’s Night Out


"It was created in 2009 by a legion of fashion glitterati to boost the industry during the recession in New York. Now, the late-night cocktails and shopping extravaganza that is Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) has made a proper home in over 20 cities and, unsurprisingly, has come to include Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong in its roster.

Next week, the event is returning to the three cities - on 5 September 2013 in Hong Kong, 6 September 2013 in Shanghai, and 7 September 2013 in Beijing. Hangzhou will also be taking part in the spending frenzy, a sign of the rising role and attention second-tier cities are gaining in China”. Continue reading.

Chen Zhengda


Chen Zhengda was born in Jiangsu Province, China. He graduated from China Academy of Art and became an instructor there before founding his own studio in 2002. Chen Zhengda is one of the founders and curator of China International Poster Biennial which, since 2003, has been held 4 times “with great success, and has acted as a crucial bridge between Chinese graphic design and the world”. In 2007, he founded Hanzhou-based Superdesign Consultant and then established Shi Fang Culture Communication in Düsseldorf in 2010.

Chen Zhengda has received many prestigious design awards, and has exhibited worldwide including at China Design Now (V&A London), Taiwan X-CARE International Design Exhibition, Beijing Olympics National Art & Design Exhibition, and POST_: Contemporary International Poster Retrospective (Icograda World Design Congress Beijing).

In China, Hangzhou Brands Face Identity Crisis


"Hundreds of women’s fashion businesses, born in the mid-1990s in Hangzhou, China, based their success on mediocre, embellished copies of global best sellers, cheap commercial distribution, and high margins. But in today’s highly competitive China market, where brand matters more than ever, Hangzhou labels face a serious identity crisis". Continue reading.