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Li-Chu Wu

Originally from Taiwan, UK-based Li-Chu Wu trained in Metalsmithing and Jewellery Design at Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan before completing a Masters in Jewellery, Silversmithing and Related Products at Birmingham City University, UK. Her current jewellery work makes use of layers of paper, which are used to evoke subtle movement and tactile qualities - natural forms and processes, says the designer, inspire each of her collections. She has exhibited worldwide, including in Germany, Portugal, Hungary, Belgium, Switzerland, USA, Taiwan, China and the United Kingdom.

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Handmade In Hangzhou


After an extended break, Design China is back! We are starting 2014 off with a lovely curatorial initiative by PINWU called Handmade in Hangzhou. Its core philosophy is rong, or “melting and fusion”, which is used by thirteen designers to deconstruct the traditional bamboo crafts of Hangzhou and apply them to contemporary design. Over the next five years, the group also plan to explore silk, porcelain, copper, and paper.

SaloneSatellite Design Report Award 2012

Congratulations to PINWU (INNOVO) for winning the 2012 SaloneSatellite Design Report Award. They are the first Chinese designer team to achieve this award. Learn more.

Moth-eaten Books

Moth-eaten Books is the newest series of woodblocks created by young printmaker, Jiang Chao. Each set of works consist of a small library of 84 books and each book is composed of hand-woven ribbon, Phoebe Wood letters and soft rice paper. Inscribed with a different wooden plate, forming its own unique pattern and texture…each page describes the story of a book gradually etched by worms, watermarks, tears and stains as time goes by. More.

More on Trace Architecture Office

Constructed by Trace Architecture Office (TAO), the Museum of Handcraft Paper is located next to Xinzhuang Village in Yunnan, which has a long history of making and developing handcrafted paper. The museum project is part of a plan to preserve this tradition, showcasing the history, process and techniques behind paper production. The museum also consists of a bookstore, work spaces and guest rooms for visiting artists.


Founded by Zhang Lei in 2004, INNOVO is a Hangzhou-based product design collective that design simple products which embody various aspects of traditional Chinese culture, whilst also focusing on sustainability and the environment. Last month, INNOVO exhibited as part of Wuhao @ The Teahouse, Beijing Design Week 2011 and were also recently awarded the 2011 IF Product Design Award.

Photos courtesy of INNOVO.

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