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"As part of a cultural project that aims to get people thinking about the space they live and interact in, Hong Kong-based architectural office Parallel Lab has developed a product called STAG (a combination of a stool and a bag) to encourage Hong Kongers to explore the city and use it as their playground”. Continue reading.

Photo courtesy of Ducky Chi-Tak Tse.

The Concrete Dragon

The recent floods in Beijing (caused by heavy rainfall and a poor drainage system) reminded us of the importance of The Concrete Dragon: China’s Urban Revolution and What It Means for the World by Thomas J. Campanella:

"China is the most rapidly urbanising nation in the world, with an urban population that may well reach one billion within a generation. Over the past 25 years, surging economic growth has propelled a construction boom unlike anything the world has ever seen, radically transforming both city and countryside in its wake. The speed and scale of China’s urban revolution challenges nearly all our expectations about architecture, urbanism and city planning. This is a nation on the rise, and it is building for the record books".

Microurbanism Interactions Exhibition

Personally on the Scene: Art Expats in Beijing Exhibition Project is delighted to present its inaugural exhibition Microurbanism Interactions by Italian artist collective Marcella Campa and Stefano Avesani.

Initiated by Beijing-based curator Tang Zehui, Personally on the Scene is dedicated to presenting and promoting the work of foreign artists living and working in Beijing through a series of solo exhibitions and accompanied catalogues. Microurbanism Interactions, the first exhibition of the series, opens on 18 May at the Lobby Gallery of the Landgent Center in Beijing.

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Wang Shu Interview

Recent Pritzker Prize recipient, Wang Shu, discusses his work with architectural historian Robert McCarter at Washington University’s Kemper Art Museum; revealing more about the poetic way he addresses demolition in China, as well as designing beyond just a consideration of materials. Via ArchDaily.

More on Bishan Project

"Ou Ning and Zuo Jing have made successive efforts to initiate discussion on the question of rural reconstruction. Ou Ning [previously] served as Artistic Director for the 2009 Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism. Although the exhibition still retained much of the raucous individualism of its predecessors, the countryside and its history had obviously become a new curatorial focus for Ou Ning". Continue reading via LEAP.