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More on Paloma Sanchez


Beijing-based jewellery designer Paloma Sanchez very recently released her new Mens Collection. “[Introducing] limited…one-of-a-kind jewellery [pieces] for men with confidence and style. Unlike any other jewellery in Beijing, they merge smooth black jade, gold flashes of rutilated quartz, deep blue lapis lazuli, and out-of-this-world meteorite with 18K gold. Masculine and sophisticated, these pieces are designed by Paloma and crafted by world-renowned master cutter, Steve Walters”.

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More on Plastered8

Late last month, Plastered8 released its fourth promo, jokingly self-described as a 4th Life Changing Video. The short film stars Plastered8 founder Dominic Johnson-Hill, Nathan Zhang of brandnü, and online sensation, MC Shitou. Via AnyWearStyle.

Design China would also like to wish Plastered8 a happy 6th birthday!