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Global Service Jam, Shanghai

"CBi China Bridge hosted the Shanghai leg of Global Service Jam at the weekend, an event that saw 36 brave souls designing like crazy to come up with brand new service design proposals in just 48 hours. Working around the theme Hidden Treasure, five teams brainstormed and pitched the weekend away before enjoying a well-earned beer (or few) at Kaiba on Sunday”. Via CreativeHunt.

Fang Xiaofeng

Born in Shanghai, Fang Xiaofeng graduated in architecture from Tsinghua University, Beijing. A curator for Beijing International Design Triennial (BIDT) 2011, he now teaches at Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University and, since 2007, has been acting as editor for Zhuangshi magazine – “the only art and design core journal in Mainland China”. Fang Xiaofeng possesses a strong interest in ethics and responsible design, and has been changing the direction of Zhuangshi magazine to promote these concepts in China as a result. I caught up with him to find out more.

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Re-thinking Bamboo

Bamboo has played a vital role in the history and development of Chinese culture. More recently, however, designers have started to appreciate the material for its light, resilient and sustainable qualities. Void of cultural attachment, their approach to handling bamboo as a relatively new design material contrasts greatly to age-old Chinese craft and technique.

Beijing International Design Triennial curators, Freeman Lau and Hang Jian, have teamed up to “re-think bamboo” in an exhibition of works that explore the material’s potential as alternative architecture, contemporary design, products, clothing, transport and even food. They question how culture and tradition can be used to inform the design process, and whether bamboo can provide an alternative way of living? Continue reading via NoD.