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Library for Kunming University of Science and Technology


"This library is regarded as the symbolic center of the university campus. The building form resembles stacked cubes on a plinth with bi-axial symmetry and a vertical central atrium. The central circular atrium serves as the spiritual center as well as the main vertical circulation of the library". See more.

Job Opportunity: NeochaEDGE


Shanghai creative agency NeochaEDGE are looking for exceptional people to join their team. A wide variety of opportunities are presently open, including roles in editorial, architectural/environmental/interior design and graphic design. Find out more.

Liu Yang


Shanghai native Liu Yang is a furniture and industrial designer. She formally completed her MFA in Industrial Design at Rochester Institute of Technology, New York after receiving a BFA from East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai in 2010. She currently works for Ferber Design.

More on Wang2Mu


Despite language barriers, the now Shanghai-based illustrator Wang2Mu does a very good job of promoting his portfolio online: the young talent recently uploaded a series of selected projects on Cargo. See more.

Duan Zhihua


Duan Zhihua from Shanghai, a graduate of Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, has a great portfolio of work that ranges from branding and identity, to typography and exhibition design. See more here.

More on Zhang Da


"Designer Zhang Da and his label Boundless have long been synonymous with an intellectual yet relaxed approach to fashion. His recent Shanghai Fashion Week show for the brand’s A/W collection offered exactly that.

Da’s propositions for next season felt familiar, if not necessarily safe. He’s a designer on the constant quest for a distinctive equilibrium between the austere and the luxurious. His aesthetic is cerebral and often literary, a meditative pursuit rather than a process of embellishment – a kind of haute normcore, if you’d like”. Continue reading.

Solo Fish


These illustrations by Solo Fish from Shanghai radiate a charming batik-style aesthetic. We are especially intrigued by the images that directly reference contemporary life. Via NeochaEDGE.

AnyWearStyle x Shanghai Fashion Week 2014


Our friends at AnyWearStyle are doing an incredible job with documenting and reporting on Shanghai Fashion Week, which ends tomorrow. Find out what’s going on.

Sun Jun’s Traditional-ish Chinese Painted Photos


"Young Chinese artist and fashion photographer Sun Jun takes a mixed media approach, mixing photography and painting to create a timeless sense with a distinctly Chinese visual style. His most recent work, Tea of Ancient Classics or 茶经, captures a semi-sexed-up series of scenes of runway-material models in elegant poses, the theme of which is traditional Chinese tea.

The work weaves modern fashion photography and old school Chinese landscape painting elements to form a fusion that retains a pleasing amount of dissonance. The models are wearing subdued-tone clothing designed by Shanghai-based fashion label La Vie”. Continue reading.

Design Shanghai Highlights


Design Shanghai successfully took place earlier this month, drawing in crowds that seriously challenged the capacity of the venue. Here are some photo highlights, courtesy of Design Shanghai and EightSix.

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