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Zhili Liu


Beijing product and furniture designer Zhili Liu piqued our interest with his light designs (pictured). The young talent is better known for his materials and engineering experiments through which he explores the meaning of “Chinese design” and potential definitions beyond reinterpreting traditional decorative elements.

More on Huabiao Shan


We were lucky enough to sit down with Huabiao Shan last month to discuss his new furniture brand Shanliang and what motivates him as a designer.

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Founded in 2012 by EVOL-LAB, Lokii is a furniture range that can be used for a variety of purposes. Special features include a “log key and button” joint, which allows for the furniture pieces to be assembled without the use of tools, in addition to portability. Via



Founded by Lv Yongzhong, BANMOO is a Shanghai-based furniture design studio that “derives the ‘halfness’ (半 or ‘ban’) from the ‘fullness’ (满 or ‘man’). By carving out the innate essence from the ornate whole, BANMOO’s philosophy gives users the aesthetic freedom for spatial and temporal exploration…a discourse between Oriental aesthetic attitudes and individualistic creative approaches”. Via EightSix.


Founded in Shanghai in 2006, multi-disciplinary design studio Neri&Hu represent a new, modern Chinese aesthetic. The designers behind the brand intend to “spark the potential of Chinese design and evoke change”. Additionally, they seek both top-quality materials and craftsmanship for the production of their works: “All products are hand-made…a reflection of a place whose masters of trade can still be found waiting for patrons in the lanes of Shanghai”. See more.

Read an interview with the founders via NMiC.

Gu Qi

Gu Qi is a furniture designer based in Beijing. He majored in industrial design and graduated from Huaqiao University, Fujian in 2005. Originally from northeast China, Gu Qi travelled extensively in China’s coastal cities such as Changzhou, Xiamen and Shanghai before arriving in Beijing. Design China sat down with him this week to discuss his journey to date.

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More on Li Naihan

Unique furniture designer, Li Naihan, first appeared on Design China in October 2011 with her Crates series. We caught up with her this month to find out what she has been concocting more recently.

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SaloneSatellite Design Report Award 2012

Congratulations to PINWU (INNOVO) for winning the 2012 SaloneSatellite Design Report Award. They are the first Chinese designer team to achieve this award. Learn more.