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BUNDSHOP is “the first online platform in the world to export products of independent designers and brands of China”. Headed by Diana Tsai, the Shanghai-based team work day-in and day-out to bring high quality Chinese design to the international community. We spoke with the team to find out more.

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At first glance, NewChi’s porcelain pieces seem to defy gravity. From the pirouetting Ballet collection to the levitating Imperial Memories teapot, every piece designed by Heinrich Wang seems to be designed from an alternate universe.

And this was exactly his intent: to transform the age-old craft of porcelain-making, and revolutionise a process iterated millions of times throughout history.

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Waterhouse is a ceramic design studio based in Jingdezhen. The two founding designers, Keyi and Yomi, graduated from CAFA, Beijing in 2010 and 2011 respectively. Design China’s Lynn Zhang tracked them down to find out more about the mysterious duo.

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Paper Tiger x Tranquil Tuesdays

Paper Tiger and Tranquil Tuesdays have partnered up to bring you the ultimate combo: “Tranquil Tuesday’s unique Chinese tea and teaware gift sets wrapped in Paper Tiger’s eye-catching, one-of-a-kind, Chinese-inspired gift wrapping paper.

Both [enterprises] are based full-time in China and seek to present a fresh vision of a Chinese design aesthetic. We each celebrate ancient Chinese designs, motifs, and traditions…informed by the vibrant modern cities we live in”. Find out more.


Design China recently visited Jingdezhen, the porcelain capital of China. Starting off at a morning market organised by The Pottery Workshop, we wound our way through the numerous stalls where students were selling their works - definitely a dangerous place for the wallet! Despite the gloomy weather, we then made our way to Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute, and even managed to speak to director Jackson Li, as well as artist in residence, Bryan Mulvihill, who were both nice enough to show us around their studios. Here’s a photo essay of (what we thought were) some of the more interesting finds.

Thanks to Charlene Wang of Tranquil Tuesdays and Joey Foster Ellis for helping to make this happen.

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Tranquil Tuesdays Sale

"Visit our hutong neighbour and fellow social enterprise, brandnü, to seize their special promotion on select Tranquil Tuesdays products for the month of March. Save 40% on all varieties of our Organic Jade Sword Green Tea and our Crystalline Glaze Gaiwans”. Find the store.

More on Tranquil Tuesdays

Tranquil Tuesdays have just launched their online store!

"Right now on our Facebook Page, we are celebrating the launch of our online store with a crazy discount code to save even more off your entire order. The offer is only valid until 8 December, so go on over to the Tranquil Tuesdays Facebook Page to learn more”.

Tranquil Tuesdays


Founded by Charlene Wang, Tranquil Tuesdays is a Beijing-based, design-infused social enterprise that markets and sells Chinese tea to an international audience, and collaborates with designer artists to produce original teaware. The young business also demonstrates a commitment towards women’s empowerment via training and hiring underprivileged women; Charlene believes that, just as the flavours and aromas of tea slowly develop and reveal their inherent qualities as you let it steep, with the proper training, support, and encouragement any woman can live up to her full potential and work in a job that showcases her innate talents. I recently caught up with Charlene to find out more.

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